47 Million World Champions

Client: Impossible Software  /  Publicis/wysiwyg.es  // Brand: Telefónica/movistar
Time of Creation: February 2014  –  April 2014
Type of Project: Video

On the occasion of the FIFA football world cup 2014 in Brazil the Spanish telecommunications company Telefónica (movistar) wishes to thank the current world champion’s team for their achievements while, at the same time, motivate them for the coming games.

In order to specially please the team and 47 million spaniards, a customizable video with individual content is created for all fans.


To give every fan of the Spanish national team the possibility to show their enthusiasm and share it with friends, Telefónica produces a fan video with the real players, offering plenty of elements for personalization.

Every user of the website can become part of the of the video. Cheered upon, wearing a jersey bearing the user’s name and even having the crowd showing one’s portrait or individual motto on their posters and banners, while the scoreboard announces you as a player for all to see.

The selection of individual elements is already specific to gender and age of the user, which is solved by offering a selection of man, woman, boy or girl in the first step. The second step consists of a region selection to select a location from a list of 52 regions across Spain. In the third step the user may enter two reasons why the crowd will be cheering for him or her.

These reasons will then be annouced in the stadium in the typical manner of football announcements. The fourth step offers the possibility to upload up to five images, that will be used in the video later on.

The final fifth step concludes the personalization with entering a name and a player number of up to two digits. All these elements are then compiled into a completely individual video, sharing one’s enthusiasm and setting the tone for the upcoming world cup. The highlight of this result being, that the video is not just personalized visually, but also in its audio track, by getting the announcer to include individual elements into his performance, which happens through the entered reasons for cheering, the user’s region and, of course, his or her name.

User picture shown by fans

DDD is responsible for tracking the video, preparation of the personalization process as well as for parts of the post-production. Additionally DDD technically coordinates main parts with the film crew and the Spanish agency concerning the requirements for individualizing a base video. The rendering technology is provided by Impossible Software.

One of the special features of this project is the poster mosaic effect in the stadium, which is achieved through special masking and layer technology. This effect can be seen in the moment the crowd turns the posters simultaneously, forming the image of the user framed by the Spanish flag.

Another highlight is the audio personalization. After providing information about name, gender, age, region as well as two individual attributes, these are combined and presented by the announcer for each user individually. This offers nearly unlimited combinations of video and audio, and opens up a whole new dimension for personalized video creation.