IP Deutschland fantastic Christmas

Client: Impossible Software  // Brand: IP Deutschland
Time of Creation: October 2014  –  December 2014
Type of Project: Video  /  Websites

Due to the success of last year's Christmas greetings, IP Deutschland GmbH (100 percent subsidiary of RTL Television) would like to send personalized videos to their customers again this year to thank them for the great year.

The videos are sent in the name of the responsible employee and the recipient receives an e-mail with the personal Christmas greeting of the sender.


In this year's Christmas greeting IP Deutschland takes their customers on a journey through a surprising, fantastic Christmas world.
At the beginning of the journey you will see a book resembling a fairy tale book. It is labeled "Ole's Fantastic Christmas", although the first name varies depending on the recipient.
The book opens by itself and it "pops up" a wintry paper landscape. The visual style is based on the aesthetics of pop-up books and creates playful and surprising scenes. The camera drives into this world and takes the receiver of the personalized video on a turbulent journey.

Three cut-out paper figures, whose heads consist of photos, appear in the winter landscape. You can see that they are the managing directors of IP Deutschland. A huge (paper) snowball rolls up and pulls the figures with it. A wild journey through the imaginative paper landscape is created.

Meanwhile, you will meet a wide variety of protagonists along the way - stars and starlets from the radio stations. From the rolling ball, the managing directors get into the wagon of a roller coaster. This comes to a halt and a large parade is created, which ends in a Christmas tree.
In the final picture, a large number of stars and starlets stand in front of the Christmas tree and wish you a merry Christmas.
A scroll with the message for the recipient appears.

In order to view the video greetings, the respective customers receive an e-mail invitation. If the recipient clicks on the link in the e-mail, he or she will see his or her personal video.

The creation of the Christmas greetings is simple and intuitive. The sender selects the recipients and writes a message first.

DDD has developed the input tool for the employees of the IP Deutschland for this year's Christmas greeting so that the sender could decide on the exact date on which their message and greetings should be sent. This gave IP Deutschland's employees the opportunity to create their personal wishes from the beginning of December. The dispatch took place only between 08.12. and 16.12.
In addition, the sender has the possibility to upload an image of themselves and adjust it in size, color and contrast for the film.


This year, Elastique is responsible for the film concept and the realisation of the completely animated film.

DDD has expanded the input tool for the IP staff according to the new specifications and was responsible for film individualization. In addition, DDD took care of the rendering quality and the size of the movie, as well as the technical coordination of the mail distribution with the IT of IP Deutschland. All this on behalf of Impossible Software.

For the individualization of the film, DDD again used Impossible Software's technology solution. The rendering of the 15,000 videos was done by Impossible Software's cloudbased rendering system, just like last year.