Maybelline New York "You are Sensational"

Client: Impossible Software  /  Ogilvy & Mather  // Brand: Maybelline New York
Time of Creation: December 2014  –  February 2015
Type of Project: Video

For Maybelline New York's latest web campaign titled "YOU ARE SENSATIONAL", a video is to be personalized that puts your girlfriend in the center and shows her how sensational she is.


The video has been filmed completely from the "first person perspective" and shows the everyday life of "your girlfriend" and what happens to her on this "sensational day".
The film begins with a personal address by a radio announcer. Attractive men smile at her, the morning coffee was made just for her. The advertising banner on the taxi is also labeled with her name and a personalized graffiti is the visual finish before going to the rooftop party.

"You" are sensational and you have the whole attention of your surroundings. Maybelline New York celebrates with this web campaign the girlfriend everyone appreciates and loves.

With the video, customized by DDD and Impossible Software, you can now show her in a very special way.


DDD is responsible for tracking, the necessary post-production as well as the hosting of the videos and the necessary coordination and communication prior to the start of the film production for the individualisation.

The film has various forms of individualization. The name of the person addressed in text and audio with two different voices and the picture of the person addressed, and the name of the sender in text form. Apart from the name of the recipient, everything is optional and there is an alternative film for every form. DDD implemented the video editing for the most part in Impossible Software's video customization tool. Impossible Software itself is responsible for the complete video rendering in the format 960x540


In 2016, an update of the Maybelline New York "You are sensational" campaign was created at the instigation of Ogilvy & Mather.
A new Maybelline product was introduced in the final screens of the video and the video editing was adapted accordingly. In addition, a newly designed interface replaced the previous one for personalizing the video.