Personalized Thank you Video

Client: Impossible Software  /  Fasnacht & Partner AG  // Brand: Pro Juventute Zürich
Time of Creation: March  –  June 2016
Type of Project: Video
PRESS RELEASE on the project

Sometimes life demands too much from children and teens. In order for the team of Pro Juventute's emergency number 147 to be able to help free of charge and without red tape around the clock, it needs generous friends who support us with an annual fee. With this film we thank them. Very personal and specifically with a personalized thank you.


Fasnacht & Partner AG has produced a very touching video for Pro Juventute. The video is a thank-you to the generous friends of Pro Juventute. Each donor will then receive a personalized email with the link to their personal video.

The video is personalized in two forms. On one hand, the video has been set to music in three different languages (Swiss German, French and Italian) and will be played in the language that is right for the donor. The donor's name will also be displayed at the end of the video and the words "Thank you","Merci" or "Grazie" will appear in front of it. The font size of the name is automatically adjusted so that the entire name is always visible in the optimum size in the video.

In this project, DDD was entrusted by Impossible Software with the task of carrying out the audio individualization as well as the text individualization. In addition, DDD was the contact person for Fasnacht AG and Pro Juventute during the production phase when it came to individualization and the technical possibilities of personalization.

For the individualization of the film and the rendering of the video, DDD used ImpossibleFX, the web-based technology solution from Impossible Software.

By the end of the campaign, around 8,000 personalized video greetings will have been sent to the donors as a thank-you.

Idea / Client:
Arun Sah, Pro Juventute, Zürich

Fasnacht & Partner AG

Samuel Morris

Camera / Grading:
Fabio Tozzo

Christian Müller / Samuel Morris

Head of production:
Vanessa Amann

DDD & Impossible Software

Face-to-face implementation:
Corris AG