Home to the Bunnies via app

Client: Playboy
Time of Creation: September 2009  –  March 2010
Type of Project: Apps

Realization of an iPhone App with a video to personalize.


Based on the success of the Bunnies@Home campaign DDD develops an app to bring the Playboy Videos to mobile devices as well.

The customizable video is the same one that has already been very successful on the web. To take part, the user takes a new picture of himself or uploads an older one and enters his name. By using this information and applying our individualization technology, the user becomes part of the video.
The user "magically" appears in the designer house of a real Playboy Bunny, be it as a picture on the wall, as a photo in an amulet or as a name, decorating the Playmate’s skin in the shape of a tattoo.

The planned features of the app are: Take a photo or use photos from gallery, edit and manage an unlimited number of personalized movies in an own gallery, send a movie to a friend or share the video on facebook.

And now for the bad news: Although no naked 'facts' appear in the film, Apple refused to allow the app to be offered in the the App Store without further comment. Unfortunately, the objections of the publishing house management from the German Playboy will not help any further.


The technology to allow parallel personalization of any numer of users at the same time is provided by Impossible Software using their JetStream video solution.

The video is one of the most successful customizable videos that have been produced in Germany yet.