Viral Video for the new Alfa Romeo MiTo

Client: Fiat  // Brand: Alfa Romeo
Time of Creation: May 2011  –  September 2011
Type of Project: Video

A viral video is to be created, demonstrating the joy of driving the new Alfa Romeo MiTo and actively engaging the user at the same time.


DDD plans and creates a viral video for the new Alfa Romeo model MiTo, which is targeted at a young group of buyers. The feelings of joy that will be experienced when starting the motor of a MiTo are communicated by using the "Rage Faces" internet phenomenon. These simple cartoon faces are able to convey any emotion in a universally understandable way.

Users are able to take part in the video virtually by uploading an image and entering their name, becoming a "Rage Face" themselves.


Implementation of a Flash-interface, which enables the user to upload an image of his or her face, to edit this image (saturation, size, colour) and enter a name. Alternatively the user may also use Facebook Connect to retrieve this information. A custom frame may also be added to the selected image afterwards.

The integration of the user image and his or her name are achieved with corner-pin-mapping inside the flash client. The result may be shared via Facebook-upload or by link to the video (via e-mail by default).