Car Configurator for Bugatti

Client: Bugatti
Time of Creation: September 2005  –  May 2006
Type of Project: Websites

A virtual car configurator is to be produced for the Bugatti Veyron 16.4, which will display all possible colour combinations in high-quality 360° exterior and interior views.


For the presentation of the Bugatti Veyron, a unique presentation quality is combined with emotional product presentation. The Bugatti Veyron is presented in an impressive staging that shows 360° exterior and interior views as well as film highlights in line with the high quality standards of the brand and vehicle.

For the photorealistic presentation of lacquers and upholstery, the colouring technology previously used by DDD in Flash is further developed and considerably improved. In addition, a sound concept tailored to the content supports the multimedia experience.

The car configurator is interesting for Bugatti fans, prospective buyers and dealers alike, because it displays the vehicle in an optimal way and enables the user to get to know the vehicle on screen.

This is an experience that most users in the real world will not have, as this dream car is limited to about 300 cars.


For the production of the Car-Configurator extremely high-resolution digital photos (width up to 12,000 pixels) are used. The virtual car configurator is based on flash technology and enables the colouring of the vehicle on the client side.

The integrated buildability matrix means that only the combinations specified by Bugatti and the designer are available in one area of the configurator.
In another area, the user can also combine all colours according to their taste. The user can also generate a PDF of the selected configuration on the server side.

There is also a gallery from which you can download high quality pictures of all kinds.