Fisherman's Friend Dynamic Video

Client: Impossible Software  /  Yomego-Psona  // Brand: Fisherman´s Friend
Time of Creation: September 2015  –  March 2016
Type of Project: Video

On behalf of Yomego/PsonaSocial, a video for the brand "Fisherman's Friend" will be personalized with the Twitter data of the users. Used for this should be a user picture, the username and a part of the Twitter feed of the user.


In the different scenes, of the one minute and forty-second long clip, different individualizations are to be seen. On a pinboard and on a cup the Twitter user picture is used. On a lifeline the user name is written and in a further sequence of the video the actor scrolls through a part of an integrated Twitter feed of the user.

To create the video, users have to register with their Twitter user account and confirm that the desired data can be used for the video. The video is then automatically generated and displayed to the user in the video player.

The actual rendering of the video, through the rendering cluster of Impossible Software, only takes a few seconds. The much longer waiting time until the video is displayed to the user is due to the automated upload to YouTube, where the video is completely re-encoded.
This can sometimes take up to 3 minutes, here: can try it out for yourself.


DDD is responsible for tracking, the basis for individualization and large parts of the post-production. The personalization was realized with the help of ImpossibleFX.The web-based software developed by Impossible Software for the individualization of videos

DDD also provided the video loop for the water background video on the landing page of the Fisherman's campaign. A video that wasn't clean before was replaced with our loop.