DEMO Dynamic Preroll Ads

Client: Impossible Software  /  NewMedia Sweden  // Brand: Halens
Time of Creation: April 2015  –  May 2015
Type of Project: Video

For the Swedish Online Modeshop advertising clips which were recorded in portrait format should be individualized to be used as a 16/9 preroll. The focus is on dynamic fade-ins
of all components in the film, including the displayed clip of the model.


The source material supplied by the client New Media Sweden was produced in portrait format. In order to be used in a 16/9 preroll, the portrait format video has to be transformed into a landscape format. This was only possible by moving the model in the new format from right to left through the picture to ensure a smooth and dynamic movement. In addition, we added to the movement still fade-ins of the prices and a little later also the advertised garment. For example, we turned a simple portrait format video into a fully dynamic Preroll AD in which all components such as the model film, the price, the brand, the name and the shop logo can be exchanged dynamically and as required.


DDD is responsible for the creation of the new Preroll AD and the dynamic conversions in the video. The editing was done first in After Effects and later in Impossible Software's video tool. DDD was commissioned by .Impossible Software, who were commissioned for the project by New Media Sweden from Gothenburg.