Video Birthday Greeting for Lufthansa Customers

Client: Impossible Software  /  Wundermann  // Brand: Deutsche Lufthansa
Time of Creation: March 2013  –  April 2013
Type of Project: Video

The German Lufthansa requires a personalized birthday greeting video for their "Frequent Traveler" customers (FTL-customers).


Lufthansa customers who use the frequent flyer program "Miles & More" get a video greeting for their birthday, which not only contains the congratulations, but also the customer’s “Miles & More” loyalty card as a key visual. For this purpose we customize the first visible FTL card in the film by rendering the name, the FTL number and the airline onto its surface. On the landing page, the user now has the possibility to overturn this card "virtually”. After the card has fallen, the user is presented with a movie in which many more cards fall over successively (domino effect).

At the end of the video the fallen cards combined spell out the birthday gratulations including the user’s name.

Depending on the airline, there may also be a direct link to the airline’s shop embedded, immediately offering the possibility to redeem the birthday gift coupon shown at the end of the clip.


Based on customer data, several thousand videos are produced monthly for birthday greetings and made available for viewing. For the card number and the name of the user 3D fonts are rendered perspectively correct with shadow and lighting on different types of loyalty cards. This technique allows an absolutely photorealistic representation of all predefined types of loyalty cards, names and card numbers.

The agencies Wundermann and - later in the project - Serviceplan are responsible for the overall project. Fiftyeight provides the 3D base film and the templates for our future customization.