Milka Christmas wishes

Client: Impossible Software  /  Mondelez  // Brand: Milka
Time of Creation: October 2014  –  December 2014
Type of Project: Video

As a new edition of an campaign from the winter of 2013, an individualized Christmas greeting for Germany is now to go online in Europe in 2014.


The video shows how a postman gets his hands on the Christmas greeting sent as a letter before he is thrown into the mailbox and decides to transport the letter personally to the hut in the far away and deep snowy valley.

There the cow "Lila" is already waiting for him and has the letter with the Christmas greetings shown and confirms it with a little nudge.

The video, which was already in use in 2013, was further customized by DDD on behalf of Impossible Software (client here: Mondelez) for the year 2014.

Modifications range from the new tracking of the video to language customizations, such as the exchange of audio tracks and font adaptations in other languages for the Czech Republic, Slovakia and other Eastern European countries, to legible fonts for the addresses, the letter text and an individualized stamp that adorns the envelope.

The user receives the link to the video via e-mail and can then send or share it by e-mail or via social media. He can also create other videos on request.


DDD is responsible for customizing the video. The editing was done completely in the video customization tool of Impossible Software. Impossible Software is responsible for project coordination, customer communication and video rendering.


From November 2014 to Christmas 2014, more than 370,000 video greetings were created and sent.