Personalized Christmas Greeting With Video

Client: Impossible Software  /  Cinco Capital
Time of Creation: November 2013  –  December 2013
Type of Project: Video

Creation of a multi-part christmas greeting, which may be customized with a selected picture resulting in a video with a personal christmas card. Additionally, the recipients will be able to share their personal greeting on Facebook and Twitter.


To send out special christmas greetings to his business and network-partners Lars Hinrichs, CEO of Cinco Capital, personally stepped in front of the camera and took part in this production of Impossible Software and DDD, resulting in a very personal video greeting.

To be able to view this christmas greeting, all contacts receive a first, personalized e-mail with a special link for their creation website. On this page they can choose whether to include their Facebook profile image, select a separate picture or leave the picture out altogether.

If you decide to include a personal picture, you’ll almost immediately be presented with a video starring Lars Hinrichts in which he is requested by a staff member to produce a christmas video instead of just sending out "normal" christmas cards this time.

For this, he’ll receive a list of contacts, Including the name of the video's recipient inside the already running video. He then googles the name before personally addressing the recipient.

As a "very special gift for you" Lars takes of "Selfie" of himself and the recipient, which is immediately sent out as an e-mail christmas card and announced in the video with "you got mail".

If the user chose to leave the picture out, the video is shortened a little bit and, instead of the picture with Lars Hinrichts, the recipient gets a christmas-themed picture of Hamburg.

DDD and Impossible Software are responsible for all shooting, cut and post-production. DDD also developed all involved layouts, mailings, the landing page and the individual christmas card.

The christmas card is send to approximately 4.500 recipients and round about 2.000 videos get created. Single videos are viewed up to 370 times, due to social sharing on Facebook and Twitter.


The landing page and mails are developed for maximum compatability with desktop computers as well as tablets and other mobile devices.

The websites are developed in HTML5 including an auto-scaling functionality of the video player, so the player always uses the largest possible space to display the MP4-video.