PAYBACK – Birthday Video

Client: PAYBACK  // Brand: PAYBACK
Time of Creation: 2015  –  2016
Type of Project: Video

On behalf of PAYBACK, a personalised video was created for each of its customers in 2015 and 2016 as a birthday greeting to congratulate them personally on their birthday.

Of course, PAYBACK's pointees were also on hand to make customers smile in an entertaining way.

Birthdayvideo 2015

In the video created by Planetlux, you could see the cheeky pointees who wanted to congratulate the respective users on their birthday. This happened with much joy and confetti. With a personalised banner, the user was invited to discover his birthday surprise with PAYBACK.

A short, personalized gif was also created for the video. It served as a teaser in the sent email so that the user became curious about the video.

Birthdayvideo 2016

The video was also produced by Planetlux in the following year. This time many Pointees came together, floating in the air with balloons to congratulate the user on his birthday. They wrote the lines "Happy Birthday" with the balloons.
One of the pointees also had a personalized birthday present and hovered at a heart balloon.

As in the previous year, there was also a short, personalized Gif in the birthday mail, which as a teaser should make the customer curious about the actual birthday video.


In both projects, DDD was responsible for text customization, video quality/video size, rendering and operation & hosting of the landing page and the rendered videos.

For the individualization and rendering of the video, DDD used ImpossibleFX, the web-based technology solution from Impossible Software. For reasons of efficiency, it was decided to pre-render the different videos.
A total of around 50,000 personalized videos were rendered for 2015 and 2016 and delivered to the customer on the corresponding date. The videos were rendered in two different sizes. 960x540px desktop and 640x360px for mobile devices.

Film production: Planetlux
Video Personalization: DDD
Hosting & operation of the landing page & videos: DDD