Heineken - Un Jefe De Champions

Client: Impossible Software  /  LeoBurnett Madrid  // Brand: Heineken
Time of Creation: February 2016  –  April 2016
Type of Project: Video

Leo Burnett has commissioned Heineken to personalize a video for the "Un Jefe De Champions" campaign. The finished clip should contain various forms of text personalization and audio customizations.

Raw and final version comparative video

As one of the main sponsors of the current UEFA Champions League 2016, Heineken has devised a humorous campaign that offers the opportunity to win two tickets to the Heineken Final Celebration in Ibiza. At the same time, it should convince the boss to leave work early so that the employees can watch the upcoming games in peace.

Former professional soccer player and Real Madrid player Clarence Seedorf is in the "convincer role". He spoke over 600 different common Spanish names to address the "Jefe" in the video. If the name is not included with the spoken names, the video will be addressed with a direct "you" instead.

To receive an individualized video as a user, you have to give the name of the boss, the branch in which you are working and your own e-mail address via a landing page in advance. From this information, the video calculated in advance is then selected and made available to the user immediately. In addition, the user then secures themselves the participation in the raffle.

Link to the campaign"Un Jefe de Champions"

Within the video there are different text individualizations. On a daily newspaper that Clarence Seedorf holds in his hand, on a table card with reflections in the surface of the table, on a metal signboard that is engraved with the text and on which the industry is also written, on a large cardboard signboard that Mr. Seedorf presents in an B/W TV set and a huge text that had to be covered with various glow effects.

The particular challenge of this project was the large number and very different types of text representation. For example, in order to get the mapping to the newspaper so realistically, a 6x3 grid and the grid tracker developed by Impossible Software had to be used.

Due to the large number of names and industries that the user can select in the interface, we had to calculate a total of around 20,000 videos.


DDD was responsible for tracking and large parts of the postproduction required for individualization. The personalization was realized with the help of ImpossibleFX, the web-based software developed by Impossible Software for the individualization of videos.


The campraignn has won a bronze lion at the CannesLions 2016