Video-Based Configurator for the Opel Astra GTC

Client: Impossible Software  // Brand: Opel
Time of Creation: May 2011  –  June 2011
Type of Project: Video

For the product introduction of the new Opel Astra GTC, a configurator is to be produced, offering the possibility to configure the vehicle live, inside a running presentation video. This way, the user can configure his or her dream car virtually and even see it in action before the car is even sold.


To show the new Opel Astra GTC from as many angles as possible, a 3D-movie is rendered, showing the vehicle dynamically driving on streets and through a tunnel, from different perspectives. The vehicle’s colour, as well as its rims, are selectable freely by the user throughout the video.

The same holds true for the interieur, because the used visualizer also offers a 360° shot of the interieur, offering seven design variants, that show immediately if selected by clicking on the corresponding item.

At the end the user gets to see a video containing his or her individually configured Opel Astra GTC, which he or she is able to download or share on social media platforms. The in-drive configuration is made possible through MRM worldwide’s "virtual visualizer", that uses DDD's indivdually created and delivered videos, powered by Impossible Software’s real-time video technology.


DDD implements an interface to MRM's flash frontend, which displays the test drive video. The user is able to adapt the configuration of the car in real time by selecting rims, colours and interieur designs.

DDD’s video server delivers the live video immediately, according the the transferred user configuration. Each of the, more than 1000, possible configurations can be delivered with only minimal latency. Even the high number of parallel requests during the launch of the international campaign constitutes no problem for the video rendering system.

The system stays online for nearly two years, until the Opel-website sees a complete overhaul.