BMW X-Series accessory configurator

Client: Mackevision  // Brand: BMW
Time of Creation: June 2013  –  December 2014
Type of Project: Apps

In 2013, Mackevision commissioned us to develop an accessory configuration application for the Apple iPad, which was to be used to present the BMW X series to the Chinese market. This application was to show the vehicles from outside as well as inside, thanks to a 360° panoramic view, in the highest quality and made experienceable.


The accessory configurator includes the X-model series from BMW. The X1, X3, X5 and X6 are available, and as a user of the application you have the possibility to select and view the exterior from three different perspectives. In this view it is possible to change colors, tires or other accessories of the available cars.

For the interior, a 360° panoramic view was used for the overview, which should allow a view into every corner of the car's interior. This was made possible by the base material supplied by BMW. The application also had the possibility to save already configured cars so that they can be reloaded for later use.

In the end, the user was able to send his configured BMW model via Weibo or WeChat to friends, acquaintances or customers by means of an app-internal sharing function.

In 2014, two further updates were made to the application. The X5 model has been updated with new pictures and text during the year. The same update in picture and text was also done for the X3 in December 2014. it is currently possible to use the application in Chinese and English.


DDD is responsible for the design of the app, the editing of the image material used within the app as well as the complete programming of the iOS application on the iPad.