360° Presentation tool for E-Class

Client: Daimler AG  // Brand: Mercedes-Benz
Time of Creation: January 2009  –  March 2009
Type of Project: Apps

In 2006, Mercedes Benz commissioned a trade fair for the then new C-Class at the Geneva Motor Show. In 2009, a revised version of this tool was to be implemented for the upcoming Geneva Motor Show and thus the premiere of the E-Class to the public. The tool should again offer the possibility to show the E-Class in a 360° panoramic view from the outside as well as from the inside, and thus to make it as experienceable as possible.


For the basis of the tool, DDD's own 360° Zoom Colorator was used again, which is also used on the Mercedes Benz website. This was already modified for the presentation of the C-Class at the Geneva Motor Show in 2006, when it was possible for the first time to display a razor-sharp interior and exterior view of the C-Class on a 30"screen. Furthermore, it was also possible to adjust all equipment details such as paint colours, rims, equipment lines and interior fittings at the touch of a button.


The Zoom-Colorator software developed by DDD enables the user to change and view in detail different parts of the ex- and interior of the E-Class as desired. This software was integrated into the interface provided by Mercedes, which has a touch and switch control. The switches consisted of real lacquer surfaces, upholstery patterns and buttons printed with the rims to be selected.

While in 2006 the change between interior and exterior had to be realized with two independently operating interfaces, in 2009 both views could already be presented on one interface. By manually sliding the 30" screen with a resolution of 2560x1600 pixels, it was possible to seamlessly switch between the interior and exterior view of the E-Class.

Like its predecessor, the trade fair and sales tool has been exhibited at trade fairs worldwide for 1.5 years. Half a year after commissioning the interface, DDD developed another update, which enabled users to switch between the T-model of the E-Class and the sedan variant at the push of a button.