smart Telephony Service Tool

Client: Daimler AG  // Brand: smart
Time of Creation: seit 2011  –  fortlaufend
Type of Project: Websites

Implementation of a tool, displaying compatibility between smart radios and mobile devices regarding possible functionalities.


By using the bluetooth service tool, internally called "Bluetooth Connectivity" by smart, users are able to select their mobile device(s) from a database of compatible devices and research the available range of functionality.

DDD adapts the existing bluetooth tool of Mercedes-Benz to smart’s requirements, which results in a complete frontend rebuild according to smart’s CI. The backend also sees a facelift as well as detail changes.

By doing this, we are able to rapidly deploy a highly complex system, tailored to smart’s needs. The technological platform is being developed and expanded upon since 2011, receiving new models and devices on a regular basis.


The very specific and special requirements of this project result in the impossiblity of using any standard web solution, therefore the frontend as well as the backend (which includes a full fledged CMS) are completely self-developed on a standard LAMP-platform, making the system highly adaptable to new requirements and content, modular and expandable. The system is hosted by DDD and is fully prepared to be embedded and linked to internationally from all possible contexts and languages.