Fiat 500 Special Edition BlackJack: iPad Campaign

Client: Fiat
Time of Creation: April 2011  –  May 2011
Type of Project: Video  /  Websites

Creation of an iPad campaign for the limited edition Fiat 500 BlackJack, including video and banners. The campaign message (mainly male, stylish and urban) should be communicated concisely and easily understandable.


DDD conceives and implements the banners, two video spots and an iPad-optimized landing page for the special edition Fiat 500 BlackJack. The banner and landing page visuals are directly derived from the cool matte black design of the special edition car. The campaign’s claim is: "Small. Strong. Black."

If a user clicks one of the appropriately embedded (fitting the lifestyle idea) banners, he or she get gets to see a video showing an actor, holding an iPad, addressing the viewer directly. Suddenly a 3D-animated Fiat 500 BlackJack enters the image, braking aggressively, causing its glossy colour to shed.

After this the claim is displayed with accompanying sound effects, followed by the landing page on which the user is given the possibility to experience the vehicle and its features in detail.



An iPad-optimized landing page, considering available resolution and possibilities of interaction, for the perfect user experience.