Jeep Brand Presence

Client: DaimlerChrysler  /  Fiat  // Brand: Jeep
Time of Creation: 2001  –  2012
Type of Project: Websites

Establishing the storied brand Jeep in the German market as well as content provision for and constant expansion of online activity, while also tending to the Jeep dealer’s needs.


The cooperation between Jeep and DDD starts with transferring the website hosting from the US to Germany. Doing so gives us the possibility to react to new requirements and implement changes much faster. Shortly afterwards we are tasked with recreating the internet presence. For the presentation of up to seven vehicle classes DDD develops and implements a new design and content concept, which lets the user experience the world of Jeep, while also describing and showing each model precisely

and in full detail. Additionally a news section is added as well as a service section, in which all services (equipment, maintenance, repairs, warranties, etc.) are explained and offered.
Financial services, fleet management and a search for used cars are also available on, as well as a section "About Jeep", containing a presentation of Jeep’s history, concept cars and information regarding environmental questions.

Subscribing to newsletters, ordering of catalogues and the test drive form are available as dialogues on The dealer search, that was especially conceived for Jeep, also holds special importance.

More then ten years, in which DDD develops Jeep’s online presence, see many revolutionary features and ways of conveying information like the price finder, to 360°-view and the Zoom Colorator.

Apart from the usual content updates, special are produced on a regularily, that contain information about campaigns or special car models.

Special topics and dates are (besides the news section) also communicated via online newsletters.

The design and content of are continuously updated and are redesigned and relaunched several times in a decade of cooperation where Jeep even switches its owner from Daimler to Fiat. The same goes for the dealer websites, where the design is defined by style guides, but the content is mainly edited individually by Jeep’s partners.

While keeping the individual character of Jeep, transported through tonality and imagery, the website’s structure is also planned to create a unified appearance of all three Chrysler brands, also reflecting the overall concept of Chrysler’s and Dodge’s websites.


At the beginning of the cooperation between DDD and Jeep the website is hosted at DDD and, introduced with the first relaunch, provided with a custom built CMS for rapid content editing, making it possible to react flexibly to all requested changes and updates of a website of such size.

In 2005 the German website is integrated into Jeep’s internationally used Day-CMS and is implemented by DDD according to internally developed concepts and layouts. DDD also keeps adapting the site and implementing any content changes. 2007 sees another relaunch with the migration to the Interwoven-CMS.

The dealer sites are not migrated and remain in the Day-system, resulting in two CMS used in parallel for different purposes.

During the continuing cooperation, starting in 2009, specials are implemented in Flash or HTML, with or without a database backend, following externally provided designs from the US or Italy, but adapted for the German market. All basic content keeps getting created and updated along the way as well.

The dealer search and the price finder are developed separately as a HTML-application with Python and Django and are later updated with a mobile interface based on jQuery Mobile.

Dealer Search

To be able to find a German Jeep partner nearby or in another city, a simple but powerful dealer search has been implemented. The user can locate dealers through mouse interaction with a map or by searching directly for a certain dealer. The direct search either works with the location and/or the name of the dealer. You can also use a perimeter search for a post code. Detailed information such as telephone number, address and offered services are displayed for each search result to make contacting the dealer as easy as possible. Furthermore, the results also include direct links to the corresponding dealer websites.

Price Finder

Using the DDD-developed price finder tool, a user is able to immediately assess the cost of his or her selected car. This holds true not only for the currently selected configuration, but also for alternative configurations and models simultaneously. DDD also included an innovative feature, allowing the user to specify the planned budget for narrowing down the search. By changing the budget on a dynamic scale models and equipment are in- or excluded from the resulting list, showing exactly which cars fit the user’s requirements and which don’t.

360°-view and the Zoom Colorator

To be able to present vehicles online as precise as possible and offer full details to the user, DDD, in 2001, develops a technology, capable of rendering a 360°-view of a vehicle as well as zooming the vehicle up to four times. Through this technology the user can experience the vehicle from all angles and in all available colours, thereby already getting the right impression about what model, colour and equipment to select. Equipment details and points of interest are marked with mouse-enabled hotspots, that offer additional information on hover and lead to detailed information and images on click.

With this innovative tool, an interactive application is achieved, which offers a full product experience for the web with minimal loading times. The intuitive layout and fast site performance make a visit to especially user-friendly.

Technology: For the three-dimensional presentation each vehicle is filmed inside a studio with a high resolution digital camera. After that, 36 images are combined into a smooth movement around the car. The resulting high resolution material is then transformed into four zoom levels using a specially developed tile-based algorithm by DDD. The result of this treatment are seven million single images per car, individually delivered for each user request, for every possible configuration. The first version of the 360°-viewer is based on "Quicktime VR", the web standard at the time for multimedia presentations. Later versions are based on Flash and ActionScript, ensuring that as many users as possible can experience the 360°-presentation.


To present campaigns and models in the most visible place possible, teaser tiles are integrated into the front page, directly linking to content or landing pages. The teasers present the special spring/summer or autumn/winter campaigns as well as special models and deals for example.


To keep customers and friends of Jeep informed, a newsletter is created. Registration for this newsletter is part of the website. The topics of the newletters range from campaign newsletters about certain events or dates to general newsletters, compiling news from the website or from Jeep directly. Most news are directly linked to the website news for further information.


During the cooperation of Jeep and DDD the design is regularly updated or recreated entirely. Jeep's cars are always presented in a "State of the Art" fashion this way, using the latest technological possibilities and design ideas. Starting with the launch of the Jeep Grand Cherokee in 2011 a new chapter is opened for digitally presenting the cars, based on the American web presence, which is adapted for the German market and, for example, includes a special about the production of the new Jeep Grand Cherokee. This special includes insights into the world of Jeep as well as videos, giving the original engineers the chance to tell something about the development and construction of the vehicle. The videos are dubbed for the German market.

Dealer Pages

Being the online lead-agency, DDD is also responsible for supporting the Jeep dealers. Each dealer gets an own internet presence under the hood of, including an own URL. The presence itself is entirely filled with general, but brand-specific content, which the dealers themselves can edit and publish besides all general information about their dealership easily. The information on each of these dealer websites is a mixture of standard information such as location, contact and services. Additionally each dealer may also include individual campaigns, offers and news. The dealer backend offers an extensive help section, describing the process of editing texts, including videos explaining the usage of the backend section.