Personalized Candidate Videos

Client: Impossible Software  /  RTL Interactive GmbH  /  RTL  // Brand: DSDS
Time of Creation: February 2013  –  May 2013
Type of Project: Video

For the 10th anniversary of "Deutschland sucht den Superstar" (comparable to "American Idol") the broadcaster is looking for a way to revaluate the issue of SMS voting. One aim is to thank the SMS-voters as well as to increase awareness of the candidates to create a perfect combination between TV presence and online visibility.


DDD, in collaboration with Impossible Software, develops film concepts for each of the last nine candidates in a typical situation in the candidate villa. Each of these films contains a customized element which appears later in the movie (eg. a t-shirt, a bracelet or a toast).

After the fan has voted via SMS, he or she receives a link with the message that the candidate has a personal "thank you". After opening the link, the user can enter his or her name and, shortly after that, receives a personalized video with a personal greeting of his or her favourite. With this unique film, he or she can "show off" with on facebook while at the same time support his or her favourite.

The challenge with this: Can we handle the immense number of users resulting from a large TV audience? Well, what can we say? Yes, we have solved the task without any problems, and thus a very satisfied customer RTL Interactive.


The video integration of the username is done by using server side grid mappings and corner pin mappings using cloud computing.