Personalized Video Greeting "Rama Love Story"

Client: Impossible Software  /  Ogilvy & Mather  /  Unilever  // Brand: Rama
Time of Creation: November 2013  –  January 2014
Type of Project: Video

Create a personalizable video greeting complementing the commercial that introduces the new Rama with butter.


The advertising - with the cult song "Love is all around" by Wet Wet Wet - shows a lonely Mr. Butter, who meets several happy couples in the fridge: Salami and cheese, carrot and pepper, jam and honey.

At the end of the spot he finally finds his luck in Miss Margarine who is also lonely. The connection is perfect: butter and margarine, like the new Rama with butter.

Based on this spot DDD (on behalf of Impossible Software, with Ogilvy & Mather being the client) transforms this love story into a customizable video greeting.

This happens by adding customizable speech bubbles to the commercial which enable to tell a whole new story. You can find possibilities for the creation of new Rama Love Stories on the website (produced by deepblue) or on Rama’s Facebook page.

Following the slogan "Make your beloved happy", the user may set the recipient's gender, the names of the sender and the person to receive the message as well as an icon, symbolizing the theme of the message.

All of these elements are now used to personalize the video greeting. The user is able to view the video right away and also receives a link to his creation to send or share. Of course he can also create further videos if he likes.


DDD is responsible for programming the backend, video preparation, recutting the commercial and music editing. The personalization technology is provided by Impossible Software.