"Driving Ahead" Movie in the New A-Class

Client: Avantgarde  // Brand: Mercedes-Benz
Time of Creation: April 2012  –  September 2012
Type of Project: Apps  /  Video

On the occasion of the launch of the new Mercedes-Benz A-Class an innovative test drive concept, including a personalized movie, shall be implemented. German actor Matthias Schweighofer stars as the virtual passenger in this movie.


During the roadshow, with 108 vehicles in 21 cities, the drivers are filmed by fixed cameras inside the car. Out of those shots, an individual video is compiled respectively, in which Matthias Schweighöfer becomes a "virtual co-driver" by a special method and seemingly interacts with the driver.
Thanks to a special technology none of the eight thousand test-driver-films looks like the other. The test- drivers are sent a link to the video as a memento via personalized e-mail. The communication agency Avantgarde is responsible for the entire project, while DDD brings the technical expertise for the generation of individual films to the table as well as developing the innovative recording technology and installing the necessary hardware in all cars.


During the test drive a tablet driven application, communicating with the driver, records on-board videos of 10 seconds as well as two audio sequences. After completion of the test drive these recordings are automatically transmitted via WLAN / UMTS to the backend server at DDD.

After transmission, the integration of the video and audio recordings into the pre-produced, randomly ordered film sequences with Matthias Schweighöfer starts. Colors and brightness are adjusted to integrate the test drive sequences into the existing scenes. In addition, an administrative editing tool for quality control and manual readjustment of the integration sequence is developed and installed.