Nivea Football Fever

Client: Beiersdorf  // Brand: Nivea for Men
Time of Creation: November 2005  –  February 2006
Type of Project: Websites

On the occasion of the soccer World Cup 2006, an online game is to be developed in which "virtual opponents" can play against each other spontaneously or according to the match schedule. The "NIVEA Football Fever" will be played in XX countries nationally and globally. In addition to the games that are about progress, users should also be able to go to a training camp to get fit for crucial encounters or just have fun. The main prize is a BMW 3 Series, and there are also plenty of great prizes from the NIVEA for Men series to be won.


The "NIVEA Football Fever" is intended to be fun - in addition to the further establishment of the NIVEA for Men brand - and to prepare users for the 2006 World Cup at an early stage. Though the FIFA World Cup is from 9 June to 9 July 2006, the "NIVEA Football Fever" will be starting in February already. The game offers different modes in which you can simply train, play it man to man (play others) or also play it against computer (play to win).

If you just want to "daddle" a bit, you don't need to register. To be included in the games with a winning option or in the highscore lists, it is necessary - and fun. The user can configure their player by choosing the color of the jersey, trousers and socks. The number on the jersey and a special name can also be determined individually. A goalkeeper must also be configured for each player, as the user is sent "on the lawn" in both positions.

In each match, the player must shoot three times and hold three times. The result, which results from hits or balls held and shot strength or difficulty level, is displayed to the user and lands in the high score list (except for "Train").

In the "Player Lounge", players from all participating countries can see the results and challenge users who are currently online. This is done via chat module request ("Play others" mode), which can be accepted or rejected by the challenged person. However, this is "only" about honor, while "Play to win" is about attractive prizes and actual points for yourself and the respective country.

In the highscore lists, participants can always inform themselves about the national and global ranking of all other players. In addition, there are several funny viral videos about football on the site, which can be sent to friends. In addition, a "Tell a friend" function is set up on relevant pages as a link, which the user can use to inform friends and acquaintances about the game and invite them to play.


DDD is responsible for the conception, the design of the website as well as for the flash programming.