IP Deutschland New Years Wishes

Client: Impossible Software  /  IP Deutschland  // Brand: IP Deutschland
Time of Creation: November 2015  –  January 2016
Type of Project: Video  /  Websites

Just in time for the turn of the year we worked on a project for IP Deutschland GmbH, just like last year. As early as 2013 and in 2014 , Christmas video greetings were created for RTL Group's advertising marketing company. Again, 2015 should be personalized greetings to their customers to thank them personally for the great year and wish them all the best for the coming year. The videos should
be sent to the corresponding customers in previous years on behalf of the relevant employees. After the customer has received a mail with the link to the video and has watched it, they should receive a second mail with the personal New Year's greetings of the sender.

Individualized Video Examples

For the new film concept, various new individualizations had to be realized. One of the innovations was a graffiti on a concrete wall. It showed the sender of the video as a monochrome, silhouette image and the recipient's name in large, block-like letters above the word "RULES". Due to the installation of the user image, the input tool had to be modified in a way, that the user image could be changed after the upload. By using sliders, the users were able to transform their image into a nice graffiti.

As the extension proved to be particularly useful for the delayed shipment from the previous year, it was retained this year as well.

The text for the personal reminder mail to the customer could be implemented this year via two separate input boxes. This made the input particularly easy and clear. At the same time, the sender could see three sample personalizations with the recipient's name in the mail preview.


In 2015, Elastique will once again be responsible for the film concept and production of the film. All parts of the film were shot either in the surrounding area or directly at the RTL headquarters in Cologne in autumn 2015.

DDD has reprogrammed the input tool for IP staff according to the new requirements and significantly improved the dispatch process that ran through the IT of IP Deutschland. In addition, DDD was completely responsible for film individualization. DDD has also optimized the rendering quality and the size of the movie. All this was done on behalf of Impossible Software.

For the individualization of the film, DDD used the web-based technology solution ImpossibleFX from Impossible Software, whose cloud-based rendering system was used for rendering the 15,000 videos, as it was last year.