Workday of a toothfairy

Client: Impossible Software  /  Hometown London  // Brand: Bupa
Time of Creation: August 2014  –  October 2014
Type of Project: Video  /  Websites

The British private insurance company Bupa
wants to inspire young and old alike and has a special kind of fairy tale produced by a personalized video in which the smallest of us can present their brightest smile. The focus is on the teeth of the little ones, because this fairy tale is about the tooth fairy.


In order to amaze the little ones, Hometown London produces a film that shows the tooth fairy in her everyday work: she diligently picks up the teeth of the children under her pillow and takes them to the headquarters of the tooth fairies, where she replaces the latest lost tooth with a shiny coin. The viewers of the video take on the role of the sleepy child. This distribution of roles is supported by the integration of one's own name and the fitting of one's own portrait, which is then shown in different places in the finished film.


DDD is responsible for the programming of the website as well as for the video individualization. The site has been designed by Hometown London and programmed by DDD for the most versatile application possible. This leaves it entirely up to the user to decide whether to use the site with a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop PC. The video itself is put together in four simple steps. In phase 1, the user uploads a portrait photo of himself/herself, which he/she can then cut to fit in the second step. As a result, you can add your own name to your personal video and to finish it all, you only need the consent of the parents to watch your video. The mapping of the elements was again made possible by Impossible Software's personalization technology. Image and text are adapted to the film specifications and then integrated into the film. And that's per film in seconds. Impossible Software is also responsible for the video shipping.


From mid-October 2014 to the beginning of January 2015, far more than a quarter of a million individual films were produced.