Time of Creation: June 2014  –  March 2015
Type of Project:

Redesign and relaunch of the Mercedes-Benz telephony portal, which provides an overview of all devices that can be used for communication and entertainment in Mercedes-Benz vehicles.


DDD is working on a completely new, responsive design for the Mercedes-Benz telephony portal, which will now show customers even more appealingly the bluetooth-capable mobile phones tested by Mercedes-Benz and their features and allow them to compare them. Under "Telephony and Multimedia", an even more comprehensive range of information has now been created, which offers a high level of service benefits. Due to the new, responsive design it is now possible to use the portal on all mobile devices. User manuals for configuring the mobile phone can be downloaded conveniently in various languages. In contrast to the Bluetooth connection, the "Comfort Telephony" section implements a fixed installation in the vehicle. A mobile phone cradle allows you to make calls without limits, because it charges up continuously while the cradle remains in the cradle.

The telephony platform will be successively expanded to include new models and Mercedes-Benz-compatible, bluetooth-capable mobile phones. There are currently about 600 mobile phones in the system. The platform is currently active in 18 countries: Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, France, Germany, England, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Ireland.
We have implemented the 9 languages, German, Dutch, French, English, English, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. The platform is used for the vehicle types passenger car (30 classes with various model years), truck (7 classes) and vans (4 classes).

Since 2007, we have been responsible for the operation and technical as well as some content updates.


Due to the very extensive, individual customer requirements, this application does not offer a standard solution. For this reason, both the front and back end are completely LAMP-based in-house developments that can be adapted to suit changing requirements and developing content. The system is hosted by DDD and is extensively prepared for easy embedding into Mercedes-Benz's worldwide rollout.