Interactive, virtual tour of the Bugatti property

Client: Bugatti
Time of Creation: February 2007  –  September 2007
Type of Project: Websites

A virtual tour of the Bugatti car brand's production plant and historic site. The property in the French Alsace, whose real-life visit has so far been reserved for a small number of guests, is now also intended to give virtual visitors an insight into the history and the ultra-modern manufactory.


The virtual tour shows the visitors through new films produced by DDD the same exclusive ambience as in reality. The view from the outside as well as into the individual buildings is guaranteed. In addition, the user sees contemporary photographs and receives detailed background information on the history of the Bugatti Veyron brand and production in German, English and French - a guided tour is available on request.

The unique, completely cinematic navigation as well as the aesthetic staging combined with a high level of information and entertainment value invite the user to interact and linger on the virtual site in Molsheim.

Remarkable: The tour has been live on the Bugatti site for six years now.


Flash technology was chosen because Flash allows the optimal playback of a large number of films that fit together and are linked to each other. This can be done with or without the moderation of a guide, who can accompany the user through the site. The virtual and interactive tour is available in three languages, with the original version being produced in German.

Later, all texts are translated into English or French . The spoken texts are placed over the German text by voice over and the written texts are adapted to the other language.