Event Teaser for the “Day of Guidelines”

Client: Impossible Software  // Brand: Deutsche Telekom
Time of Creation: August 2010  –  September 2010
Type of Project: Video

Creation of a personalized video invitation in German and English for the "Day of Guidelines" addressed to the 230,000 Telekom-employees worldwide.


DDD, in cooperation with Nordish TV, produces a video, initially seeming to be a making-of, in which the Telekom-T is formed through careful alignment of a group of people if seen from above.

The essential question that is to answered and that is asked here in the most literal way is: "How can we all fill the T with life?" The first try in the video fails due to the fact, that not enough people are present, causing the director to end the shot prematurely. The project seems to have failed.

To prevent this, everybody involved in the first try starts to invite their colleagues to take part to finally form a complete T. For this all channels are used, be it by mobile phone, through name signs or messages on airport information boards. All these channels are individualized and show the name of the addressed Telekom-employee in the video.

The result: Each Telekom-employee receives a personal invitation, communicating the day's motto "Experiencing Values" beforehand. In 2011 the first iteration from 2010 is being reused and updated with new data.


DDD develops a Flash-frontend, allowing the user to enter a name. This frontend only serves demo purposes to show the customer the video creation in action, demonstrating the use of the entered name in the resulting video.

After deployment, the Telekom receives access to our interface with which the names can be transmitted programmatically easily allowing the generation and sending of 230,000 invitations. The name integration is achieved by Flash-based corner pin mapping.