Nike Airmax X-Ray Video

Client: Akqa  // Brand: Nike
Time of Creation: July 2015  –  August 2015
Type of Project: Video

Impossible Software & DDD are supposed to convert a specially produced promotion video for the new AIRMAX95 running shoes from NIKE into a dynamic video within a very short time. The difficulty of this project lay in the implementation of the planned "X-ray effects", which were later to "examine" every user dynamically.


We got the files of the video project from AKQA Paris and started to work on the effects of the provided sample video in a way that they could be used for the dynamic version.
The x-ray imaging of the photographed user was the biggest challenge and it took a lot of sensitivity and an eye for the details until the effects were configured to work for all kinds of photos from the "sharing box".
The videos rendered in 1080 x 1080 format were transferred within seconds from Impossible Software to the respective "sharing box" in the shop, where the result was shown on a large TV screen in the respective shop just moments after the customer was photographed. He also got a link to the video and the possibility to share it directly with Instagram.

The campaign started at the premiere of the AIRMAX95 shoes at the NIKE Store Paris and was then adapted for shops in London, Newcastle and Madrid.


The realization was completely done by DDD with Impossible FX. Impossible FX is the new, web-based customization tool from Impossible Software . The rendering and the transmission of the calculated videos to the respective "sharing box" in the corresponding shop was done by the cloudbased video rendering system developed by Impossible Software.
A total of around 4,500 individual films were projected for the events in Paris, London, New Castle and Madrid.

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