Easter Greetings from Cafissimo on Facebook

Client: Impossible Software  /  Liquid Campaign  // Brand: Tchibo  /  Cafissimo
Time of Creation: February 2013  –  March 2013
Type of Project: Video

Creation of a personalized, easter-themed greeting video for use in a facebook application available to all facebook friends of Tchibo, which can also be used to freely send and share the results.


A video, portraiting a typical Cafissimo-moment inside a Tchibo-shop, is personalized by integrating a user message. A friendly employee greets the user as he enters the shop: "Welcome to Tchibo. I’ve got a personal Cafissimo-greeting for you here."

She then continues to prepare the coffee with lots of care (and milk froth). At the end the cup is presented to the recipient, displaying his personal message on top of the froth, which was entered by the sender especially for him or her.

Nice easter greetings and, at the same time, a great presentation of preparing a really good coffee with little effort.


DDD, in cooperation with Impossible Software, implements an interface for Tchibo’s Facebook-application, making the remote creation of personalized videos, containing up to four lines of personal text, possible. Facebook Connect also enables sharing of the resulting video for all the user’s Facebook-friends.

The message is integrated into the footage using server-side shape mapping.

The best thing about this: While entering his or her message, the user is able to check the resulting text on the milk froth at all times using a live preview image, displayed right next to the text field.