Christmas special 2016

Client: Impossible Software  /  IP Deutschland  /  Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland
Time of Creation: October 2016  –  November 2016
Type of Project: Video  /  Websites

At the end of last year we were working on a project for IP Deutschland GmbH, as in previous years. Since 2013, it has almost become a tradition for RTL Groups advertising marketing company to produce Christmas video greetings. In 2016, this shouldn’t be any different and for the first time, Mediengruppe RTL joined in with the broadcasters RTL, VOX, Super RTL, N-TV and RTL NITRO. Personalized greetings should also be sent to customers in 2016 to thank them personally for a great year and wish them all the best for 2017. As in previous years, the videos were to be sent on behalf of the respective employees to the corresponding customers. After receiving an email with the link to the video, the customer can watch the video this year, download a poster and create their own videos and send them to friends for the first time. At the request of IP, this function was technically limited to the group of direct customers only. The difference between the IP and Mediengruppe version lies on one hand in a customized backend system for creating personalized mails and videos, the correspondingly different branding, personalized mail and the video branded especially for the Mediengruppe RTL, in which a specially created character with a smart cylinder plays the main role. In the IP version it is a small native American, based on the logo of IP Deutschland. In addition, some features such as the poster and the redirection function are only limited to the film of IP Deutschland.

Individualized Video Examples

The new film concept contains significantly less personalization this year. For the first time, however, this includes the image and/or sender's name in a monitor and the recipient's name on a festively decorated banner. In order to integrate the sender's image into the video, the input tool in the backend has been modified so that the user's image section matches the new film. By using the sliders, the picture could be adapted to the user's wishes and the monitor that was later to be found in the video.
If the user did not want to show a picture of themselves in the video, there was also the option to send the video without it, then there’s just their name in the monitor.

The text for the invitation mail to the customer was implemented this year with two input boxes for subject and text. At the same time, the user could also specify a personal salutation for either a personal or respective form and customize the gender of the recipient. The resulting text proposals were immediately displayed to the user in the backend tool. In the preview of the mail at IP Deutschland there is a small IP native American as a gif included, who points excitedly to the button to the film. This gif has been omitted from the mail of the media group RTL.


In 2016, the Elastique agency was once again responsible for the film concept and production. They have taken over the complete character development and animation for the 3D movie.
DDD has reprogrammed the input tool for IP staff according to the new requirements and created a new version of the tool for the employees of the Mediengruppe RTL.

DDD was completely responsible for film individualization. DDD has also optimized the rendering quality and the size of the movie. All this was done on behalf of Impossible Software and IP Deutschland GmbH.
For the individualization of the film and the rendering of the video, DDD again used ImpossibleFX, the web-based technology solution from Impossible Software.
A total of around 18,000 personalized video greetings were sent out this year.