Barclaycard - Musicshowdown

Client: Impossible Software  /  Akqa  /  Bliink  // Brand: Barclaycard UK
Time of Creation: May 2016  –  September 2016
Type of Project: Video

Impossible Software & DDD are supposed to find a way to create individualized and personalized videos and GIFs for the music showdown to the "British Summer Time Festival" 2016 in Hyde Park from animated parts of small DanceBots.


Bliink created and animated 24 dancing characters with their own movements on behalf of AQKA UK's order. In addition, 12 different backgrounds were developed in front of which the figures should move. In addition to that, there were also 12 different musical genres to which the figures moved accordingly. This variety of figures should be made available to the users for individualization via a quiz later on.

Each element of the figure - head, body, arms, legs, legs, dance, background and the skin tone of the figures - was produced independently of each other and made available to us. This resulted in around one million individual parts. The evaluation of the BuzzFeed quiz on the landing page then resulted in the matrix for the composition of the individual parts of the completely unique dance figure.

The video of the character was calculated in a format of 1.080x1.080px as mp4 and displayed to the user. At the same time the DanceBot was also calculated as a GIF, which could be seen on the homepage of where you can see all DanceBots of other users.

Furthermore, a static PNG of the figure was issued, which the user could print on merchandise in the VIP area at the festival.


In this project, DDD was entrusted by Impossible Software with the task of monitoring production and devising a system for naming the files so that they could be used to automatically calculate videos.
It may sound simple, but it's a little bit of a challenge in terms of the amount of choices available, and at the end of the day about a million files.

Impossible Software's rendering infrastructure has rendered nearly 94,000 videos and GIFs for this project so far, which were delivered to customers in just a few seconds, and the number is increasing every day.