Automated lottery drawing

Client: Streetsmart Media  // Brand: Bugatti  /
Time of Creation: March 2017  –  2018
Type of Project: Video

For the website of, pre-recorded moderations with a current drawing of the Eurojackpot numbers are to be automatically combined into a complete lottery drawing, just minutes after the announcement of the original Eurojackpot numbers.


After the completion of the filming we received the 25 single moderations with Sophia Thomalla and all the other parts necessary for the complete drawing.

Intro & Outro of the video, background music, all parts of the 3D drawing - including: animated background, animated 2D spheres in yellow, animated light and shadow layers, animated reflection layers, animated mask layers and 3D UV maps for each sphere.
In addition, we received the drawing figures spoken by Mrs Thomalla and the necessary liaison words.

Structure of the draw

We got a sample video that showed how a complete drawing video should look like at the end and how the parts should be connected to each other.

As a result, it became clear to us what the problem was in this project.
We have five individual parts of which the two moderation parts are always variable in length. We also have a background music which is supposed to accompany the moderation, the actual drawing of the balls and the end moderation.

So we divided the video into five basic parts:
Intro, start moderation, bullet drawing, end moderation, outro.


We had to find a solution how to get the music under the moderation, always of different lengths, in connection with the same drawing of the balls, without having to do this by hand every time.

Since in the music there is an exact point where the drawing starts, it was clear to us that this is the point around which everything will revolve.
The music then has been arranged so long that it has enough room for long moderations. In addition, we have extended the music to the end so that we can cover longer moderations.

It is therefore possible to place the correct length of music underneath the moderation in order to enter the drawing at the right place. The mixing between the audio track of the moderation and the music is done fully automatically at the volume ratio of both sources and with the corresponding f-stops in the right places.

In addition, the current date was included in the intro and in the actual drawing. This date is automatically generated from the entry of responsible for retrieving the drawing.

The installation of small gimics for special occasions can be carried out by manual intervention in the start moderation or end moderation. For example, an Easter bunny with a golden Eurojackpot egg was integrated into the presentation at Easter 2017.

The actual rendering of the drawing is done via 3D UV-Maps which we received from the 3D production company Stargate in Cologne. This enabled us to map the number textures we created in 2D onto the balls.

After everything was finished, two videos were rendered at the end. A complete drawing with moderation, published on the landing page of Facebook and on Facebook and a shortened version for the instagram page of


Complex 3D UV mapping, program development for automated sound editing.

The drawing is called up once a week by a responsible member of, who enters the date and numbers of the drawing via a simple input mask and starts the rendering of the videos. The two Full HD videos are available for download after about 3 minutes.


In late summer, no new moderations were recorded with Sophia Thomalla and at the request of the customer, the draw was redesigned to work without moderation. The drawings have been delivered in this form since September 2017.